The Candidate

Benjamin Tyler Bebee

I strive to be a well rounded individual and seek balance in life. I enjoy art, sports, and the pursuit of knowledge. I am a son, brother, father, partner, neighbor, and leader. I am a good cook and an even better eater. I am a patient, empathetic, and compassionate listener. I am passionate about being of service to others and have found it to be the most fulfilling and least painful path to my own personal growth and development.

In addition to hopefully serving the constituents of Dana Point’s 5th district Capistrano Beach, the major goal for the near future is to start A Hand Across Charitable Organization with my amazing sister Lauren Reedy;

A.H.A.C.O is a non-denominational faith based organization aimed at empowering individuals to better their existence and further contribute to the communities in which they reside. We are all one people.

The name comes from a quote:

“A handout means you think you’re better than me and you’re giving me something (something I probably ‘don’t deserve’). A hand up means you think you’re better than me and you’re trying to lift me up from a bad place. Forget the handout or the hand up. Reach a hand across. Let’s be equals and partners. I don’t need to be rescued by you, just like you don’t think you need to be rescued by me. My rescuer is a Jewish carpenter. I want to be co-laborers in Christ with you, not your reclamation project.”

-Soong-Chan Rah-

“If you would not be forgotten as soon as you are dead, either write something worth reading or do something worth writing.”

—Benjamin Franklin
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